With over half a century of combined experience in international trade with Asia, CACL and its regional offices have the knowledge and expertise to help you penetrate international markets successfully.

Export marketing Joint Venture / Partnerships
>Market studies / feasibility studies 
>Selecting appropriate product mix for each market in Asia 
>Determine market entry strategies
>Financing your export program
>Selecting local or regional agencies and distributors
>Arranging payment terms
>Source potential partners for manufacturing, distribution, or other needs 
>Intellectual property negotiations 
>Quality Assurance, and on-site inspections 

Sales & Marketing

Freight Consolidation
>Six Offices in five countries around Asia to give your marketing efforts and some local expertise. 
>Establish local and regional distribution 
>Present your products at international trade shows 
>Source new business, and tailor your products to their market 
>Private label cooperation with national retailers 
General services:
conduct searches for and screen Asian importers and distributors with ability to represent CACL supplier clients. screen products for suitability in individual Asian markets assure conformity with quality and ingredient regulations for each market in Asia
>confidential consultations on pricing
>guaranteed client confidentiality on market sensitive issues
>coordination of private label business
>consultations on labeling and packaging requirements by market
>freight coordination
>documentation services
>contract negotiations as Representative of the Supplier/client

Six Offices in five countries around Asia provide:
local expertise.
immediate access to local and regional distribution
ability to present your products at domestic and international trade shows offered in Asia.
a direct link to your customers at the local level. This seamless contact with your agents and distributors improves response time and handles many issues at the local level without having to involve the supplier.
>Consolidate sample shipments to reduce costs and make your products
>more competitive in new markets. 
Freight coordination:
CACL, in collaboration with Canadian Freight Forwarders, will coordinate delivery from production sites to export position at ocean ports or airports within Canada or delivery from production sites to export destinations. Usually this service is provided at no cost to suppliers or purchasers but simply as a service to CACL Clients.
Freight Consolidation: Frequently, buyers are unable to purchase full container loads of product from one supplier, especially when the product is untested in the buyer's home market. CACL will assist in coordinating purchases from more than one supplier to provide the buyer with cost efficiences inherent in container lot purchases. To introduce new products, as a service to its suppliers, CACL will absorb the cost of coordination services. For repeated consolidation services involving the same products, CACL reserves the right to charge standard rates.
>List your products online to attract new business
Listing your products on line will: 1. Advertise your product line to consumers, importers and distributors in
10 Asian countries served by CACL and elsewhere in the world.
2. Provide basic information on product description, unit sizes, labels,
shipping specifications, to facilitate purchase decisions.
3. Provide information on new product releases in a timely, proactive
4. Reach out to the millions of consumers and business interests which
monitor the internet daily and would not otherwise be aware of your
5. Assist CACL to present your products to customers. CACL becomes aware
of parties potentially interested in your products. Being able to direct
those customers to view your products on the CACL Web site greatly
facilitates business development.
6. At present CACL is not charging you for this service.
Take advantage of this free service while it lasts!


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