Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Online access to most of CCRA's public information, including guides, brochures, and forms
Canadian Commercial Corp. Pre-shipment financing for export sales for small and medium-sized Canadian enterprises. 
Currency Converter  Currency conversion
DFAIT  Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food  
Export Development Corp. EDC is a Crown corporation that insures and finances international shipments.
ExportSource The "Team Canada" trade publication. A good source for trade-related government departments.
Government of Canada General information about Canada, its Government and programs
Measure Converters Links to many online measurement converters.
Patents Database Searches registered patents
Canadian Patent Database Searches registered Canadian patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
HS Codes Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System database
Statistics Canada Information about Canadian statistics
Agriculture Canada  

Note: The above web sites are listed for reference purposes only. CACL does not guarantee that the information found on the web sites is current or accurate. Visitors should verify any information before acting on it.

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