Greatly expand your potential for sales.  With only 30 million consumers, the Canadian market is very limiting.
Canada is recognized to be a country with a healthy and clean environment and a supplier of high quality foodstuffs. This reputation is a valuable asset waiting to be used.
Close to 90% of Canadian exports go to the US. What happened to diversification?
Developing markets in Southeast Asia have created a solid middle class, with disposable income to purchase imported brands.
Canadian government programs support export marketing.
Export sales can greatly increase total sales volume and generate economies of scale.
Globalisation is creating strong international brands. If you do not grow globally, the global brand may take your business.
1.3 Billion Chinese have joined the World Trade Organisation, opening the world's largest market.
Increasing the number of markets you sell in will reduce your risk and reliance on any one market.
And the NUMBER ONE reason to export to Asia

With sales in Indonesia, you may just have to visit Bali every year (to check on sales, of course)!

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